Sleep. Do we get enough? The latest developments in circadian biology research are uncovering the detrimental effects that a lack of sleep can have to our well-being.
Sleepless is the result of a two year conversation between artist Ellie Land and scientist Professor Peter Oliver about the links now being discovered between sleep and mental health. Its rhythm is inspired by the circadian cycle and displays visual icons rooted in the science of sleep, whilst featuring the voices of a group of mental health service users who share their experience of disrupted sleep/wake patterns.

Exhibitions 2016
6th February – 6th March, Quad, Derby
19th March – 23rd April, Vivid Projects, Birmingham
13th May – 25th September, Wellcome Genome Campus Cambridgeshire.
16th June, Cascade at Central St Martins, London
30th September – 26th November, LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery, University of Dundee

Artist Talks 2016
15th March, Silent Signal Salon, Digital Humanities Hub, Birmingham University, commissioned by Vivid Projects.

Animate Projects and Wellcome Trust
Silent Signal Exhibition at Quad Derby