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Directed by Ellie Land. Supported by the BFI and Produced by TYKE films


PLUNGE is an animated documentary about Katie who found empowerment, friendship and healing from plunging into the frigid waters of the North Sea.


This film is a response to the detrimental effects of our globalised, hyper-connected, fast-paced world on mental well-being, particularly for women. It celebrates the benefits of cold-water swimming for women, which include strengthening ageing bodies losing oestrogen, inducing a mediative state, and displacing stress and anxiety. 


Swimmers are contributing to the conversation about conservation of our natural resources through a deep reconnection with the natural world. We are guardians of the earth for future generations, and sea swimming offers a connection to this feeling. 


Katie’s experience is reflected in the stories of many women, and Plunge aims to share this untold personal-yet-universal narrative while expanding the genre of animated documentary by incorporating fantastical elements and a hybrid-documentary approach. 


Awards and Funding 

IDFA forum official selection 2022

BFI Short Animation Fund 2022

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