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Directed by Ellie Land. Supported by the BFI and Produced by TYKE films

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An immersive experience, inviting the audience to explore what it means to be a hydrocitizen and experience interconnectedness with the North Sea.

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Menopause Realities

Collaboration Menopause Realities. Funded by Innovate UK.

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Irene's Ghost

Multi Award-winning and nominated for a BIFA award 2018. An exciting project collaborating with live action Director Iain Cunningham. We worked alongside Iain, as he uncovered the mysteries surrounding his mother's death when he was a boy. We created animation that evoked Iain's existing memories, whilst crystallising new thoughts that emerged during the making of the film.

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This short animated film is the result of a two year conversation between Ellie and scientist Professor Peter Oliver about the links now being discovered between sleep and mental health. Commissioned by Animate Projects, Sleepless is one of six films of the Silent Signal program.

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Another fantastic collaboration, this time with Dr Becky Say from Newcastle University. Bringing back together the team who worked on Centrefold, this animated film uses a pared down style to give information on Breech presentation in pregnant women. And we are super pleased that the film features on the NHS choices website and so should be helping hundreds of women make an informed choice.

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A multi award winning short about three women who have undergone labia surgery to alter the appearance of their genitals. Thought provoking and debate instigating, this film utilises animation to get to the hart of a sensitive subject matter.

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