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Irene's Ghost

Iain’s mother Irene died when he was three. Nobody knew what caused it, only that there was some sort of complication after his birth. His dad never spoke about it and remarried soon after. As a child she was alive only in his imaginative world, as a thistle seed or in the image of the moon. When his own child is born, he breaks the silence and tracks down Irene’s friends to rebuild a picture of a lost life.


British Independent Film Awards - 2018 Nomination - result pending

Festival Screenings 

September 2018 Dinard Film Festival, France

13th October 2018 London BFI Film Festival, UK

Client Iain Cunningham and Tyke Films

Animation Produced and Directed by Ellie Land

Lead Animator Paulina Brinck

Compositor Loday Gonpo

Production Studio Teesside Digital Studio

Production Assistant Kayleigh Stevens